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If You Install pgAdmin and PostgreSQL in a Non-Default Location

I'm trying to keep my new Windows 11 installation as clean as I can, and for me that means installing as much software as I can on a separate D drive. But many apps expect to be installed in default Windows locations, so sometimes they get cranky if you put them elsewhere.

That's what happened yesterday when I installed both PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on my D drive. I couldn't restore a database because pgAdmin was confused about binary paths.

To fix that problem:

  1. In pgAdmin, go to File > Preferences.
  2. Under "Paths", select Binary paths.
  3. Under "PostgreSQL Binary Path", select the version of PostgreSQL you have installed to make it the default, and then enter the path of your PostgreSQL installation's bin folder. For example, D:\PostgreSQL\16\bin.
  4. Select Save.

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