Victoria's Notes

Creating a Simple Scatter Plot in Tableau

To create a simple scatter plot in Tableau:

  1. Place two measures on the "Columns" and "Rows" shelves (for example, Sales and Quantity). This will automatically create a scatter plot with just one dot.

Victoria's Notes

  1. To show multiple dots, drag a dimension (for example, Sub-Category) to the "Colors" mark. Add the same dimension again to the "Label" mark so each dot is clearly labeled.

Victoria's Notes

To change the appearance of your dots:

  1. The dots will be empty circles. To fill them with a solid color, use the "Marks" drop-down to select Circle.
  2. In the "Marks" section, use the Size and Color options to adjust the dots to your liking. If increasing the size of the dots creates some overlap, you can improve visibility by reducing the opacity and adding a border.

Note: If you'd rather turn your dots into different shapes, from the "Marks" drop-down, select Shape. Select the Shapes icon that appears to choose the shape you want.

To add reference lines:

  1. To add reference lines, select the Analytics tab, and then select and slowly drag the line type of your choice (for example, Average) to the graph. A pop-up window will appear. Choose whether the "Sales" or "Quantity" measure should have a reference line. If you want a line for both measures, repeat this step.

Victoria's Notes

  1. To remove the label from a reference line, right-click the line and select Edit. From the "Label" drop-down, select None.

The below example is available to download.

Victoria's Notes