Victoria's Notes

Creating a Simple Pie Chart in Tableau

To create a pie chart in Tableau:

  1. Hold down Ctrl and select both a dimension and a measure; for example, if you're using the Superstore dataset, select the Category dimension and the Sales measure.
  2. Select Show Me, and then choose the pie chart.
  3. To make the pie chart bigger, use the drop-down in the ribbon to select Entire View.
  4. To give the pie chart labels, drag the dimension and measure you originally selected to the Label mark.

To convert the numbers to percentages of the whole:

  1. in the "Marks" section, select the labeled measure and choose Quick Table Calculation > Percent of Total.
  2. To simplify the percentages, select the labeled measure again and choose Format. Under "Default", from the "Numbers" drop-down, select Percentage and then set the decimal places to 0.

To display the original totals along with the percentages:

  1. Drag the original measure to the Label mark.
  2. To change the order or formatting of the labels, select the Label mark, and then choose the three dots (...) to begin editing the labels.